Roll-Over Transport

The Roll-Over system sets itself apart by its ease of use and extremely light yet strong and stable construction. The Roll-Over system is ideal for cargo transportation in which it is important that the entire cargo is accessible during transport.

The system works very fast and only requires a connection to either the front or back side of the construction. This means that roller buckles or other time-consuming tensioning systems are no longer required. The entire system is custom made in our workshop, allowing for high flexibility and delivery of any size you need.

Experience the ease of use

Experience the ease of use

The Roll-Over system can be used for both short as very long cargo.

Whether you use a box truck, an extendable trailer or configurations with a truck mounted crane, the Roll-Over is an ideal system as the cargo is shipped in a dry environment yet remains fully accessible.

Your Roll-Over system can also be equipped with an extra option, a system in which the rails can be extended at the backside. This results into a situation wherein the hood is positioned outside of the loading platform during loading and unloading, so the cargo remains freely accessible across the entire length.

roll-over bakwagen

Box truck






Extendable trailer


One man operation...

Opening and closing the Roll-Over system is safe, light and operated easily.


Safe & Fast

The floor is cleared within minutes and ready again for loading or unloading by simply rolling the system against the headboard or rear portal.

New clamping system

A considerable advantage of this clamping system is that the hood can be tightened and untightened without having to climb in and out of the vehicle.