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Roll-Over extendable trailer

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The Roll-Over system is a perfect match for extendable trailers. The system is fully proven on multiple extendable trailers up to 30 meters in length. Based on its strong and stable construction, the system retains all functionality with extended trailers. For trailers with a length up to 23 meters, you can also use an aluminum extendable loading platform which ensures that the loading platform remains closed upon trailer extension.

If the length of your trailer is longer, you may use moveable aluminum rests on which the rails can be attached. The floor is then closed using canvas.

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One man operation...

Opening and closing the Roll-Over system is safe, light and operated easily.
  • Available in every desired length, width and/or height;
  • Low weight due to usage of aluminum profiles;
  • All connections are welded;
  • Floor sealing using an aluminum sliding platform or canvas;
  • Lockable back-side using doors or canvas;
  • The entire Roll-Over construction can be entirely detached easily;
Suitable for standard, extendable and gooseneck trailers, rigid trucks and/or trailer chassis. For more information about Roll-Over, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roll-Over is distinguished by its...

  • Safe and Quick operation;
  • Efficiency by saving time and its light weight;
  • Reliability with a long life cycle;
  • Easy handling of large and complex cargo
  • Applicability on any box truck or trailer, independent of its size!

The Roll-Over system can be operated by one individual, based on the light construction and simplicity of the system.

The floor is cleared within minutes and ready again for loading or unloading by simply rolling the system against the headboard or rear portal.

"Stam Obdam delivers and assembles the full package for you!"

Before delivery of your box truck and/or trailer, 'Stam Obdam' constructs and tests the system in its own facility. This means a fully working system is guaranteed while your box truck and/or trailer is only away for a very short time.

The entire system can be fully detached using a forklift. Upon request we can add a separate frame for the forklift to your order, making it even easier to disassemble the Roll-Over.

Roll-Over with new clamping system...

The detachable pillar at the back side, where traditional systems use two ratchets to clamp the hood, is replaced by a version in which the ratchet straps automatically roll up on an integrated axis. The axis is operated by a regular canvas clamp which is mounted below the vehicle.

A considerable advantage of this clamping system is that the hood can be tightened and untightened without having to climb in and out of the vehicle. Per request, the traditional system is of course still available.